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FSR ranch

A change of environment, especially from an urban area to open, natural surroundings, filled with fresh air and flooded with sunshine, can have a uplifting and calming effect, and with time, a troubled teen can begin to let go of a lot of pent-up, negative emotions,
When youths arrive at the ranch, they are often withdrawn and angry. Their relationships have been negative-but the relationship with the horse will be completely different from any other.  
Horses are naturally social animals with personalities, attitudes, fears, moods, and they are very sensitive to the energy around them. They will respond appropriately to human interaction, allowing youths to experience a sense of connection and participation
without the negative feelings sometimes associated with traditional therapy. Horses and youths are seeking the same feelings of trust and connection, and once a child realizes this similarity, he or she is able to form a connection that is uplifting and inspiring.

Why Horses


We are a 501(c)3 non profit and we are a all volunteer organization, operating on donations given through the generosity of compassionate and caring people.

FSRR we strive to rescue and rehabilitate and to provide good homes for all horses that have been neglecated, abandoned or abused.