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First Step Recovery Ranch

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Our program works to identify, experience and cope with emotions while being healed by the way of the horse.

Hi, Welcome to First Step Recovery Ranch!

With the experience of 20 years mastering communication with horses, I am pleased to share my experience and knowledge I have gained while traveling and attending workshops.

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"Jenny's preferred methods of theory include attachment theory, existential approach, mindfulness-based cognitive therapy, play, and art therapy."


Philosophy + Misson 

what makes us different

Yesterday I was clever,
so I wanted to
 change the world. Today I am wise,
so I am changing myself.
- Rumit

Our vision here at First Step Recovery Ranch is to understand your core emotions, to identify and access inner capacity for healing and assume self-responsibility in a non-threating and a motivating learning environment.  


Our Mission at First Step Recovery Ranch is to bring adolescents ,women and, groups to interact with the horses and to have a change of scenery. Being at the stables surrounded by the horses and nature tends to have calming and uplifting affect on most and in time has proven to release signs of confined anger, negativity and destructiveness.

We believe in

what makes us different


2001 River Circle Dr
Richmond, KY 40575

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The whole ride, I was in absolute heaven, enjoying not only the fresh air but the complete freedom from the rest of my life. In retrospect, the fact that Sweet Pea strongly resembles a unicorn may have contributed to the surrealness of the whole experience, but I felt a sense of calm that I had been lacking. The discord that was ever present in my everyday life, disappeared for the one hour we were on the trail. As I sat on Sweet Pea in the beautiful fall sunshine, I felt completely free from any judgement or expectation.